• 304 Stainless Steel Flange Common Type

304 Stainless Steel Flange Common Type

304 stainless steel flange and other materials of the same type of flange, commonly have the following 13 types:
1. Flat welding flange (flat plate flange) shall insert the pipe into the welded flange of the inner ring of the flange.
2. Eelding neck flange:which is flange with neck flange, smooth transition segment, which is connected with pipe butt welding.
3. Socket welding flange: flange with flange, which is welded to the pipe.
4. Threaded flange or screwed flange: flange with threads, which are threaded connected to the pipe.
5. Lapped joint flange or loose flange: which are used in the combination of flange nipple or welding ring.

6. Special flange, such as diamond flange, square flange, etc.
7. Reducing flange (also known as large and small flange) connect with standard flange, but the nominal diameter of the flange is smaller than the nominal diameter of the standard flange.
8. Flat face flange :flange whose sealing surface is the same plane as the whole flange face.
9. Raised face flange: the sealing surface is slightly higher than the whole flange face.
10. Male and female face flanges: a pair of flange, the sealing surface, a concave, a convex.
11. Tongue and groove face flanges :A pair of flange sealing surface, a tenon, a groove matching with the tenon.
12. The sealing surface of the stainless steel flange (also known as the ring groove flange) ring joint face flanges is a ladder type ring groove.


13. Stainless steel flange covers (blank flange or blind flange), which are connected to the flange of the pipe end, are round plates with bolt holes, which close the pipe. In order to prevent rust and cracks on the surface of stainless steel flange, the surface of carbon steel flange is usually coated with electroplating (yellow zinc, white zinc, etc.), or brush anti-rust oil and spray anti-rust paint.

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